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Custom Pens - "Wood is Good" - KLEWGO131FP - "Oracle"

Custom Pens - "Wood is Good" - KLEWGO131FP - "Oracle"

About our Pens

Custom pens use a pre-made nib (or nib unit) and everything else is handcrafted. Creating our bespoke pens involves -mainly- the use of a metal and a wood lathe to shape the parts of the writing instruments: Grip section, Body, and Cap. To make these parts we choose materials such as wood, ebonite, metals, gemstones and acrylics.


About this piece:

Materials:   925 Silver / Masur Birch Wood / Acrylic / Enamel / Tsavorite Gemstones *

Weight :  35.8 g

Length capped : 14.5 cm

Length uncapped : 13.7 cm

Diameter (cap) : 1.6 cm

Nib : Jowo#6 18K Gold 14K Gold (Ask for size or another nib options)

Comes with a converter and a special box/holder.


*Tsavorite is a trade name for the emerald-green variety of Grossular Garnet that originates in Africa. Tsavorite has become one of the most popular and expensive Garnets, due to its rarity.

This gemstone was first discovered in Tanzania in 1967. It was subsequently found in the same geological formation across the border in Kenya in 1970 near Tsavo National Park, a wildlife preserve in the African Serengeti, and given its name after the national park.


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