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Cuddling Department

These creatures make our life complete!

We loved, love and will love them forever...

Marble Surface

...was a temperamental lovely "Frenchie".

He left us in 2014

(12 years old)

Marble Surface

The sweet lady was born in Munich (2005).

She is the sister of  "Neno" and a real diva...

20150528_120458-1 (2)_edited.jpg
Marble Surface

The brother of  "Pupa" was born also in Munich (2005) and left us in 2021 after moving to the Ardennes.

He was playful, affectionate and pretty grumpy ;-)

Marble Surface

We were feeding "Bentley" since she visited our garden in March of 2017. We had already "Pupa" and "Neno" and when we realized that she was pregnant, we decided to take care of her at home. She gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens.

We kept two of them: "Canu" and "Chino". Happily, we found lovely new families for the other three and also for her <3

Marble Surface

Born at home on April 25 (2017).

He is an adorable prince and the largest of our cats.

Peaceful and loving, he loves to play with small paper balls...

Marble Surface

"Canu" 's smallest brother is "L'enfant terrible" of the family.

Born also on April 25 (2017) he is a tender ball of fire. Cuddly and playful, he is a lovely heartthrob...

Marble Surface

"Pepi" is the cat of our ex-neighbors since 2019 and somehow ours also because he spent most of the day with us...

He is sweet, loving and wild at the same time;

 We miss him a lot ...

Marble Surface

Like "Bentley", we have fed "Mimi" since she visited our garden.

She got pregnant twice in 2019 and gave birth to 3 +5 kittens.

We took care of her and the babies by putting a special "room" in one of our workshops (not at home because she chose that place to be comfortable).

After finding new families for her kittens, she decided to "move in" and live at home with us. She is very affectionate, calm and gets along fantastically well with the other cats of the family.


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Durbuy - Province du Luxembourg


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