Custom Pens - KLEQTM103FP - 'Quantum"


About the "Kit-less Edition"

Kit-less pens use a pre-made nib (or nib unit) and everything else is handcrafted. Creating our kit-less pens involves  the use of a wood and a metal lathe to shape the parts of the writing instruments: grip section, body, cap & ornaments . To make these parts we choose materials such as wood, ebonite, metals and acrylics.


About this piece:

Materials: Kirinite blank "Hot Tan Pearl" / 925 Silver

Weight :  33.3 g

Length capped : 13.8 cm

Length uncapped : 11.8 cm

Diameter (cap) : 1.75 cm

Non postable

Nib : Jowo #6 14K Gold

Comes with a converter in a special ancient wood box.