Custom Pens - "Wood is Good"- KLEWG24FP -"Organic Elegance"


About the "Kit-less Edition"

Kit-less pens use a pre-made nib (or nib unit) and everything else is handcrafted. Creating our kit-less pens involves the use of the wood lathe to shape the parts of the writing instruments: Grip section, Body, and Cap. To make these parts we choose materials such as wood, Metals, ebonite and acrylics. 


About this piece:

Materials: 17th Century Oak Wood* + Aluminium

Weight : 31.5 g

Dimensions capped : 16 cm

Dimensions uncapped : 15 cm

Diameter : 1.3 cm

Non postable

Nib : Peter Bock Polished Steel Medium size

Comes with a converter.

*This exceptional material was found in a historical excavation placed in Roeselare (Belgium). The city decided to share this wood with several wood artists, to whom we are grateful and proud to belong thanks to Gijs Fieu (VMZ De Ladder).