Custom Pens - KLETH115FP - "Thor"

Custom Pens - KLETH115FP - "Thor"

About our Pens

Custom pens use a pre-made nib (or nib unit) and everything else is handcrafted. Creating our bespoke pens involves -mainly- the use of a metal and a wood lathe to shape the parts of the writing instruments: Grip section, Body, and Cap. To make these parts we choose materials such as wood, ebonite, metals and acrylics.


About this piece:

This pen was inspired by an unusual "Hammer of Thor" dating to the 10th century, found on the Danish Island of Lolland (Købelev). This particular torshammere (Thor’s Hammer) amulet is the first ever to be found with runes inscribed. The runic inscription clearly reads: “Hmar x is” (“This is a Hammer”).

Hammer pendants are interpreted as amulets shaped like Mjölnir, the hammer owned by the Norse god, Thor. Viking men and women often wore Thor’s hammer for protection.

The considerable weight of this creation is concentrated on its cap (106.1 g), making its body (23.3 g) comfortable for writing.


Materials: 925 Silver / Alumilite polyurethane resin 

Weight :  129,4 g (106.1g Cap + 23.3 g Body)

Length capped : 15.4 cm

Length uncapped : 13.6 cm

Diameter (cap) : 1.65 cm

Nib : Jowo #6 14K Gold (Ask for size or another nib options)

Box: 14th.-17th. Century Ancient Wood / 925 Silver